Welcome to IndepenDents Paintless Dent Repairs

We know how it feels... the sudden thud of something hitting your car, the summer storm that lashes your car with large hail stones, or simply coming back from doing the shopping to find a dent left by a careless carpark user who's long gone.
However, this is where Paintless Dent Repair (AKA PDR), can help!


Normally, you'd have to leave your car in a Panel Beaters for days or weeks, paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and risking mismatched colours or future paint defects.
Now, PDR can be done in as little as an hour, at your location and conveinience, and best of all, without spending a small fortune on the repairs!


Unlike other providers, we are NOT a franchise that can simply be bought into, an employee of a large corporation, or a tehcnician who's rushing from job to job.

As our name suggestes, we're Independent. Our name and reputation rides on every repair. We understand that you've got to live with the repairs for the life of the car. We specialize in working for vehicle owners who are passionate, and care for their vehicles, and who appreciate the extra time and passion we put into our repairs.


First and foremost, we service vehicle owners as a specialty. However, we also work with Panel Beaters, Car Dealers, Insurance companies, Mechanics, Detailers, Hire companies, Leasing organizations, or anyone who owns or is repsonsible for the repair of customer vehicles.